In the "British Intelligence" with Nicholas Hoult campaign, Jaguar puts on display its innovation lab. The place where ingenious ideas and new vehicles are developed. Following up on the classic brand campaign, the Jaguar "Innovation Lab" from the London underground is packed into boxes and sent to Germany. Empty retail areas in six German city centres are converted into an "innovation lab". Here the new Jaguar F-Pace is presented in its development facilities.

On the outside rough wooden boxes, on the inside high-quality staged display objects with exhibits and explanations regarding design, technology and driving pleasure. Inquisitively visitors discover and experience all the components of the new SUV. An intensive branding experience which makes the campaign possible through the use of a unique implementation and visual language.

Using iBeacon technology, visitors set out on an information tour around the vehicle and receive information directly on their iPad. Images, videos and information texts let the visitor know everything about the Jaguar F-Pace in all its facets. At the Soundbar you can not only listen to the vigorous sound of the F-Pace, but also load it directly onto your smartphone.

We are pleased with the awards received for the Innovation Lab on Tour at the Automotive Brand Contest 2016, at the German Design Award 2017 and at the Eubea 2016.


Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH



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