We believe in the impact of dialogue. It is the form of communication which has the power to convince, inspire and motivate. In times of change the need for communication increases, because only those who understand can also make their contribution. Against this background, internal communication is gaining a new and greater significance - especially communication with and among executives, because they are the determining factors behind the success of the change.

This is the basis for the VOSS+FISCHER Strategy Implementation service offer: with the analytical competence of our strategic approach, and our communication expertise – which we have acquired in agencies and companies – we can help you to turn your executives into ambassadors for the company strategy so that they can motivate and inspire all their employees.

Our services
•    Consultancy and development of communication strategies and concepts for communication projects
•    Development of formats and concepts for management events
•    Implementation management

The VOSS+FISCHER Strategy Implementation team advises and accompanies you with regard to the internal communication challenges encountered in transformation processes. Starting with the analysis of the initial situation, via the development of the communication strategy and content and organisational planning, and finally up to the management of the implementation. Precision and quality are important to us. In the development of our solutions for you, we work in partnership and with passion.

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