We - we are human beings. Communication connects us. Communication from face to face. With the intention of informing or activating.  To convince or to inspire. Communication succeeds when it happens consciously. With the knowledge of the challenges which it faces. With a feeling for the opposite. With a clear vision as to which message should reach him.

We - we are experts for communication.
The transformation of communication connects us. A transformation which allows media and users to interact more and more frequently. We are shaping the transformation. And yet we come to the conclusion: the actual encounter has a unique value for communication. It is intensive and has a lasting effect.  

We - we are the heads of the VOSS+FISCHER team. One claim connects us. The claim that communication between a brand or a company and people succeeds. This is why we work out the best possible understanding for our customers and the communication situation. That is why we always think out solutions from the perspective of the people whom the message will reach.  

supports its customers with the expertise of the Corporate Events, Brand Spaces and Design and Strategy Implementation units. The three units essentially combine the core conviction that focussing upon the essentials determines the success of communication. The units combine a 20-strong team who see their way of working best characterised by the word pair precise and passionate. Finally what links the units is the desire to build up and maintain a partnership-based and trustworthy relationship with the customers.

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