We believe in the lasting impact of events – both for external and internal company communications. The event is the form of communication which generates an open and receptive response from guests to its messages.

Every company, every brand has something to say. Finding the right one who will listen and understand properly is a challenge. Some say the louder you scream the better. However we think cleverly initiating and leading the dialogue about the brand might actually ensure building and maintaining trust for the long term. "Cleverly" requires an intelligent approach, a visual message and relevant content. Resonance is the ultimate objective. If it is the experience of the guest that the time taken to attend the event has paid off for him, the communication has been successful.

This is the basis for the service offered by VOSS+FISCHER Corporate Events: we support you in staging your event, which convinces the guest with a clear, precise message. 

Our services
•    Anniversary and opening ceremonies
•    Roadshows and product presentations
•    Promotions
•    Press conferences
•    Award ceremonies
•    Management meetings and workshops
•    Incentives

The VOSS+FISCHER Corporate Events team assumes responsibility for all the phases of the project involved. Starting with the development of the communication strategy and the idea, via the content, design and organisational planning of the event, and finally up to the on-site implementation and coordination.
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