We believe in the intensive impact of communication in the brand space. It is the form of communication which makes the guest feel free to help shape the branding experience according to his personal interests. Visual stimuli subtly guide him.

Behind every brand are hidden an original idea, convictions and values. We face a challenge in making these able to be seen and experienced, because our perception is sensitive and responds to subtle nuances. The brand logo as a distinctive identifier presents us with limits in its function as a communication carrier. The brand space, however, overcomes these limits. Architecture, materials, shapes and imagery create a significant expression for the brand. Their interplay creates an atmosphere which immediately triggers emotions.  The guest moves freely in the space and records the contents which he encounters over various communication levels.

This is the basis for the service offer from VOSS+FISCHER Brand Spaces and Design:
We support you in the design of your brand space which communicates and encourages communication.

Our services
•    Trade fair stands
•    Showrooms
•    Exhibitions
•    Staging
•    Visitor centres
•    Exhibits

The VOSS+FISCHER Brand Spaces and Design team assumes responsibility for all the phases of the project. Starting with the development of the communication concept and the related design of the brand space, via technical, architectural and organisational planning, and finally up to the on-site implementation and coordination.

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