Around 30 million children worldwide are on the run. But here countless people - despite the roof over their heads and a 7 zone comfort mattress - are ignorant with rage. A twisted logic of modern society, which makes it urgently necessary to continually confront them with emergencies occurring in war zones, and to sensitise them regarding the consequences.

The glow of the moon means hope for a restful and peaceful sleep for children all over the world. The light and sound installation "The Man in the Moon" grasps this symbolic force of the nocturnal light. It is dedicated to the brightest heavenly body of the night and its only inhabitant, the man in the moon. An installation which deliberately steps back and does without large projections. The man in the moon, watcher and guardian over the sleep of children, here provides information about his view of our planet.

During the Luminale, "The Man in the Moon" on the Römerberg is a statement for empathy instead of ignorance. On eleven telephone receivers the visitors listen to the man in the moon in German, English and Arabic. His voice is accompanied with lullabies from Syria and Iran, punctuated by the violent noise of war.

We are pleased to have received the award for "The Man in the Moon" at the Famab 2016 and at the DDC 2017.





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