The Linde Group entrusted VOSS + FISCHER with the conception, organisation and implementation of international management meetings for 450 executives in Shanghai. The Asian markets and the potential there for Linde were the focus of the conference. Chinese culture was combined with the philosophy and the design of the Linde brand.

The aim of the presentation, the success of Linde in China, was expressed in the areas of architecture, design, graphics, dramaturgy and staging. All the design activities were seen in the context of local culture. Accordingly the auditorium indicates abstract rice terraces, the Linde Lounge a Chinese garden, and in the Shanghai Cruise Terminal, a light installation reflects the flow of the Yangtze River. The participants are surrounded by the atmosphere of Chinese culture and sensitised to the tasks of the future.

The success of the event is mainly due to the precise and complex participant management and the prudent and responsible coordination of all the trades involved. VOSS + FISCHER has been planning and organising international management meetings for the Linde Group since 2000 and also ensures their appropriate implementation on site.


The Linde Group



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