The static tour
A static roadshow through eight major cities in Germany: the new Jaguar XE is presented in the "Innovation Lab" on lively and central squares in the city centres. A modern brand appearance with premium quality and design. In an area of around 90 square metres, the Innovation Lab provides a unique insight into the ambitious world of British inventiveness. The innovative power of the XE and its properties are put on display. Product specialists explain the features down to the last detail and arrange test drives for the subsequent dynamic tour. The visitor puts together his individual model in the configurator.

The dynamic tour
A dynamic tour follows the static one - the "Jaguar XE Innovation Drive". A roadshow through 20 German cities to the dynamic advance presentation of the new Jaguar XE. The Jaguar brand, its range of models and the services of the local dealers are presented in a friendly manner. Two selected vehicle models are exhibited daily in a promotion area at the various locations, and are supervised by the product specialists along with employees from the local dealerships. The dealers involved can arrange in advance individual dates for a test drive with customers and interested parties. The tour is spontaneously extended due to the high demand.


Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH


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