And we want to make the best possible use of this opportunity. For this reason, ensuring quality is our top priority at all stages of the project. Against the background of many years of experience in defined processes, the following aspects of our quality management ensure a smooth project implementation and customer satisfaction.

Project management

Each project is initially divided into different phases and assigned to a defined project team. This division of responsibilities is defined in a project structure plan. A project manager is in charge of the overall management throughout all the phases involved. The individual stages are documented using project control software, to which the entire project team has access.

Process and schedule control

In regularly held status meetings - by telephone or in person - processes and interim results are reviewed, discussed, monitored, recorded and, if necessary, constructively criticised. Accordingly the current status of the project becomes apparent to all the parties involved. The customer is part of the overall process. He is made aware of all the processes involved by means of a protocol and regular meeting dates. After an event a feedback discussion follows between the two sides. In this discussion the event as such, as well as the entire project period, is assessed.

Cost control

Cost control also runs through the internal electronic complete system, which is historically traceable and handles the current costs. The first budget prepared is based upon researched prices as well as on our experience. Subsequently all third party services are invited for tender, preferably to qualified service providers from our wide network of long-standing existing partnerships, with whom a close basis of trust exists.

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