With nationwide roadshows on the occasion of the Football World Cup and European Championship, Kia draws attention to the brand and its entire range of models. The tours  take you up to 30 cities in no time at all. The vehicles are strikingly branded.  On squares in highly-frequented city centres and in front of shopping centres, a modern tour setup becomes the central point of contact. Here passers-by receive information about the vehicles, can participate in test drives and take part in football matches. The implementations are carried out in close consultation with the respective Kia dealers and during the tour generate significantly more demand for test drives and a large number of qualified contacts.

Brazilian lifestyle combined with Football World Cup feeling, this is what Kia creates for visitors to the IAA in 2013 with respect to the home country for the 2014 Football World Cup. For this purpose VOSS + FISCHER designs the "Kia Cabana", the Brazilian IAA beach in the heart of Frankfurt's exhibition grounds.


Innocean Worldwide Europe GmbH


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